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Choosing to become a Stays Director, Sanitary Assistant or Educator at Objectif Sciences International, means making childrens and adolescents’ dreams come true. It means choosing a challenge and surpassing oneself in large-scale projects. The non-profit Objective Sciences International organization dating back to 1992 and recognized as NGO international have the special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. With multiple Centres for Scientific Living in Europe (Switzerland, France Provence, France Pyrenees) and in North America (Quebec). Also, in the middle of the South Pacific (Huahine, Tahiti) and in Central Africa (DR Congo, Virunga National Park) or the places of expeditions in Central Asia, Northern Europe, Japan, the Mediterranean Basin and North America ... Each year we host several thousand young people from 7 to 18 years of age, in more than 40 different scientific stays. Alongside with these scientific holidays, it organizes the Classes of Scientific Discoveries, Colloquiums, Seminars and Technical training courses, all based on a new Research by the Research learning model, dating from 2005 and making and allowing the continuation of subjects improvement. Whether you are an educator, animator, teacher, researcher, scientist, engineer, or still a student looking for a short-, medium-, long-term internship, being a part of the Objectif Sciences International, you will gain much more than just the work experience. If you want to become seasonal sciences educator or professional sciences educator, we invite you to read further this page - at the bottom, you’ll find the link to submit your application. As a science educator: Your role You participate actively in the design of coherent scientific researches and in their pedagogical adaptation in a scientific manner, You monitor and implementation of your project with your youth groups. It is essential to find a balance between scientific rigor and the necessary adaptation to your audience, You take care of the leisure activities, sports, outdoor games, cultural activities, manual activities of your youth groups, You take care of the daily lives, going to bed and waking up, hygiene and meals of your youth groups, You are the protector of your group in the field, You help young people to learn the autonomy and to take the responsibility for their actions, particularly through the cooperative (between children and educators) management of their activities. Your profile - * You are a science student on the secondary, post-compulsory level of education, during the 3rd cycle of the University or Engineering school, - * Are you passionate self-taught in the science, - * You are an educator, animator, monitor interested in science, - * You are in the middle of the professional retraining, - * You are open-minded, independent, attentive and ready for the teamwork, for challenging yourself and for initiating new ideas. Please visit this link for more information:
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