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Johnson & Johnson Mentorship & Internship Opportunities for Postdoctoral Researchers | Natural Products for Skincare & Pain Management

The Johnson & Johnson Consumer Postdoctoral Training Initiative in Partnership with the African Academy of Sciences Johnson & Johnson is recruiting postdoctoral researchers for a fellowship position that will include extensive, ongoing mentorship from Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc. and opportunities to engage in short, intensive internships at Johnson & Johnson laboratories around the world. We are seeking researchers with existing postdoctoral funding support who are driving emerging science through: 1) the exploration and validation of African natural products that can be used for topical skincare applications AND/OR 2) the exploration and validation of African natural products that can be used for topical pain management applications Eligible researchers will be working on projects that include the identification of African plant diversity with known or potential medicinal properties, extraction and fractionation, identification of active chemistry, screening, and pharmacological profiling. The Naturals Platform within Emerging Science & Innovation at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Research & Development is committed to the discovery and development of high quality, scientifically active naturals applicable across consumers’ unmet needs. This mission requires deep scientific expertise in multiple disciplines including biology, chemistry, cellular pharmacology, biomimicry and natural target screening technologies, coupled with an ability to work collaboratively within an innovation ecosystem. Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc. develops and markets innovative consumer healthcare, baby care, beauty, skincare, and over-the-counter pain, allergy, and digestive health products that address the needs of consumers and healthcare professionals. The portfolio includes heritage brands JOHNSON'S® Baby, BAND-AID®, LISTERINE®; leading skincare brands NEUTROGENA®, AVEENO®, CLEAN & CLEAR®, and LUBRIDERM®; and healthcare products such as NEOSPORIN®, CORTAID®, REMBRANDT® and REACH®. Application Materials: 1) ONE-PAGE (maximum) description of current, funded research project and explanation of its relevance to one of these two innovation areas; closely related consumer healthcare innovation areas will also be considered, but applicants should note that they are not the priorities of this call 2) Up-to-date CV Responsibilities: • Build scientific knowledge and leadership in African natural products. Specific activities will include: sourcing prioritized plants, extraction, fractionation, identification of active molecules, and screening the test articles for biological end points • Develop innovative approaches to screening and hit triage, data processing and analysis, gain bioinformatics support in collaboration with a broader J&J screening team • Influence the course of projects, scientific methods and technical direction • Design experimental strategies to identify and screen active natural targets that address project goals; demonstrate appreciable latitude for unsupervised action and decisions • Build global innovation ecosystem by keeping abreast of scientific and technical literature related to natural products biodiversity and biomimicry, as well as emerging science areas; attend seminars and external scientific meetings, as appropriate • Generate study/invention reports and publish research in high-quality journals, as appropriate • Ensure compliance with good laboratory practices and other regulatory/quality guidelines • Demonstrate effective decision-making to guide and prioritize activities to support naturals screening and hit validation processes Qualifications: • Existing funding for postdoctoral research (those who run a skincare innovation startup or have relevant funding for projects that are more entrepreneurial in nature may also be considered for the fellowship) • PhD in Plant Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Natural Products Chemistry or Pharmacology, or a related field • Good knowledge of African biodiversity and working knowledge of different sources of natural libraries (e.g., plant or microbial origin) • Expertise in natural products chemistry, screening, extraction, identification of new active molecules is required. A working knowledge of cell-based assays is preferred. • Experience using analytical methods HPLC, LCMS, NMR, and phytochemical extraction and analysis • Experience working with and guiding external collaborators in industry or academia • Ability to prioritize projects, negotiate, and influence • Excellent communication and skills and ability to work productively in a team setting
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Fellowships or scholarships
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Human Health
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