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Request for Proposals Biodiversity Informatics for African Freshwater and Pollinator Biodiversity

The J.R.S. Biodiversity Foundation requests proposals for multi‐year projects focused upon biodiversity data, knowledge and information services related to freshwater biodiversity and pollinator biodiversity. The foundation will award about $2,100,000 among qualifying proposals by July 2019. Please write to with any questions. Please see 34T34TUJRS 2019 Request for ProposalsU34T34T and 34T34T2019 RFP Frequently Asked Questions34T34T. GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS: We will prefer projects that can grow to a larger scale or can be transferred across geographic regions or organizational and institutional contexts. Projects that hold potential to engage with, reinforce, or benefit our 34T34Tcurrent projects34T34T will be preferred. Applications that demonstrate strong demand for data and ties to decision‐making will be most competitive for JRS funding. All projects must conform to the foundation’s 34T34TOpen Data Policy34T34T. U.S. law prohibits our financing of projects to influence legislation through advocacy or lobbying (see JRS Grantmaking). Types of Proposals: The total multi‐year requested grant may range from about $50,000 to about $250,000. JRS will accept three types of proposals: 1) proposals for multi‐year projects, 2) proposals for planning grants for multi‐year projects, and 3) proposals for JRS co‐funding of biodiversity information components of existing projects.
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